Floating or Watsu is an amazing technique, that allows receiver to dive deeply into subconsciousness and fix the nervous system. It is a direct pathway back into the womb where everything started. Every time I have a floating session, I get amazed how efficient and fast this technique is for people to open up and experience something extraordinary. It is also a beautiful way for a couple to build trust and work on their inner-child together.

Here is a floating session with my beloved. This film is a part of my next movie about tantra. You can leave comments, what did you like about this episode and what is missing.

Tantra Massage

“A Massage is possibility for masseur to give the partner a direct experience of principle of tantra. For example a direct experience of an energy being rather than physical being because a lot of massages are about releasing the energy, that has been held and suppressed in our bodies.”  – John Hawken

I have been learning some of the best massage techniques from John. His experience in this field is almost 30 years of work and teaching. Find out more about his techniques on my massage page HERE.


What is the difference between traditional and tantric wedding. In the documentary we will discuss this topic with tantra teachers to find out, what role marriage plays in modern society and how Tantra can help that to evolve.

This episode was filmed at a pure tantric wedding, that took place in wild Jungle of Koh Phangan island. It was led by one of the most authentic Tantra teachers Shashi Solluna.

Tantra minu elus

Mina kutsun end Igor Earthchild’ks e. looduslapseks. Sain endale sellise nime kui minu sees oli toimunud transformatsioon. Elades džunglis sain ma teadlikuks oma sisekosmosest ja ühendusest kogu elavaga Maa peal.

Alates 2011. aastast on Tantra juhatanud mind üle Maa ühe õpetaja juurest teise juurde. Kõik nad räägivad samast asjast, kuid igaühel on see teekond olnud täiesti erinev.  Ma olen õppinud tantrat, jogat ja massaaži erinevatelt õpetajatelt Eestist, Venemaalt, Ameerikast, Euroopast, Taist. Oma tantra rännakutest olen ma teinud filmi The Secret of Tantra, mida saab näha esmaesitlusel 4. juulil tantra festivalil High on Life Eestis.

Minu teistest rännakutest ja avastustest saab lugeda minu eestikeelses blogis: Taskuraamat