Online course for men

Do you suffer from premature eyaculation? Have you ever wondered why you always come before her? Do you think it’s normal to have an intercorse for 5 minutes? In our modern society – it is. But I can teach you how to change your love-life from 5 minutes into 5 hours. In just one month! Well, actually I can give you a tip that will change the way you make love right now. But before that let me tell you how I got there. 

You see, 11 years ago I was a regular guy, making a career, an obese family-guy who was not happy with his life. I was sick, I didn’t like the way I looked. My life was miserable on the inside, but it looked successful from the outside. So I decided to make a shift. 

I quit my job, sold my shares and moved to the countryside with my family. I changed my diet, started to do yoga and learned tantra. Since then my life has become a fairytale. I was traveling the world and meeting incredible people. I was following tantra gurus and teachers all around the world. My quest was how to become the greatest lover. In 10 years I became a tantra teacher, a massage therapist and a guru, who has changed hundreds of lives in Asia, America, Europe and Russia. Now my passion is to share my knowledge with other men and teach them how to give pleasure to women. 

You probably may think that being successful with women is a natural thing that you have to be born with. But let me tell you this. You can learn all of this. And I’m the best example of that. I used to be a shy guy, I didn’t have much success with women at all. To be honest I was so bad that I married the first woman who fell in love with me. And it was a complete disaster of course. But this led me to my quest. I wanted to learn the secrets that women hold. How to make them happy. How to last in bed for hours. How to become her dream-man.

I learned how to make love for 8 hours straight without eyaculating, how to give 15 different orgasms to women. Now I work as a tantra massage therapist and women are paying ME to touch them in the most profound way. I can teach you how to touch a woman so that she would never forget it. 

But you may think that you can learn all that by yourself. And you are right, but it will take you years of learning and traveling, dozens of books to read. I’m giving you a chance to learn it in a compact way, with videos and explanations that would make it fun and easy to remember. These practices are not rocket science, but they need to be practiced. And if you are not a practical guy who would go out and try those things, then this course is not for you. Because  even though these theories are backed by science, they will remain theories if you don’t apply them in your day-to-day life. Only then this course will become life-changing for you and for your lover. 

I have seen a lot of women who complain that they don’t get aroused enough or they don’t experience orgasm and I always say to them: “It is not your fault”. Because in 9 cases out of 10 the problem is that man is not capable of giving the right attention to partner. So I was actually asked by women to make this course for men. This way there would be more men out there who can really lift their women and themselves high into the clouds through intimacy. 

And you can be that guy in just one month. All you need to do is just sign up for my month-long program and follow the steps of a proven formula – how to become the SUPER LOVER

Contents of the course

We will do this in a group of men where we can support each other. There will be an online meeting every week. I will be sending you lectures with video practices every second day. You will be guided through the process of self development. You will be amazed how much new information you will gain from this month. This course is crafted in the way that it helps you to grow and learn with ease. It has been tested on a group of men, who have already made the shift.

Remember, this course will run only once this year and now is the time to join the group. Once you sign up, I will send you my full documentary about tantra. It will help you understand the lifestyle and philosophy behind this ancient teaching. You will also learn what are the risks and benefits on that path. 

So sign up now and I’ll meet you on the other side. 

And here is the tip I promised you in the beginning. If you want to please your partner so that she would always come before you, make her come before you penetrate her. Use your fingers or tongue or anything to give her pleasure. And only after her orgasm continue with an intercorse. This way you take away the pressure to make her come and instead you can focus more on your pleasure. SIMPLE!

Make sure to join my course and I’m looking forward to taking the journey together with you 😉 

Sincerely yours

Igor Earthchild

Oneness – online training for couples.

We invite you to our online program for couples. It’s a seven days challenge where you can work on your relationship and find out new techniques for connection at home. 🧚

You will be receiving daily new massage practices and tasks to improve closeness with your partner and learn new ways to interact. This online retreat will include 7 different practices and 7 exercises, plus there will be a lecture on topic about tantra, live webinar and lots of extra bonuses. 💝

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Sati Good

Sati has studied and is certified in traditional yoga & yoga therapy and massage therapies since 2015. She has trained and practiced in Russia, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Thailand 2018 - 144

All her knowledge and experience were acquired in the Traditional Natha Sampradaya manner, in daily live-in situations with masters and a fellow student (Shishy) over a period of two years.

Sati is qualified in CIBTAC Endorsed Traditional Balinese & Reflexology Massage in Bali (International Spa Academy „Bali Bisa“), which has further extended her understanding on the mechanisms of the human form.

She then decided to unite her extensive knowledge in order to practice a holistic therapy approach through healing body-mind-soul.

She is holding a Divine Massage Rituals such as:

💖 Royal Balinese Massage
💖 Stone Therapy
💖 Foot Reflexology Massage
💖 Chocolate SPA Ritual

She also leads different workshops:

💖 Yoga Therapy – Yin Yoga 5 Element Balance
💖 Foot Bliss Reflexology (SELF MASSAGE)
💖 Tea Ceremony

More about Sati: on Facebook

Kayenne Lee

Kayenne is a courageous therapist, massage teacher and the author of the book “Through my own hands”. He has spent last twenty years of his life studying the guarded secrets of Southeast Asia. Great massage masters have taught him to feel the body messages and their relation with emotions, organs and physical pain.

58461714_844986719180744_4490940838330761216_n-e1556791393322-458x458Kayenne is the founder of Thayfusion, the School of Massage And Sensory Growth and creator of Contact Meditation – a particular and unique type of meditation based on contact. During the Festivals and retreats he offers workshops, where one can meet his body through touch and movement and surrender to the art of letting go.

Find him on Youtube

Official Website: Thaifusion



Floating or Watsu is an amazing technique, that allows receiver to dive deeply into subconsciousness and fix the nervous system. It is a direct pathway back into the womb where everything started. Every time I have a floating session, I get amazed how efficient and fast this technique is for people to open up and experience something extraordinary. It is also a beautiful way for a couple to build trust and work on their inner-child together.

Here is a floating session with my beloved. This film is a part of my next movie about tantra. You can leave comments, what did you like about this episode and what is missing.

Tantra Massage

“A Massage is possibility for masseur to give the partner a direct experience of principle of tantra. For example a direct experience of an energy being rather than physical being because a lot of massages are about releasing the energy, that has been held and suppressed in our bodies.”  – John Hawken

I have been learning some of the best massage techniques from John. His experience in this field is almost 30 years of work and teaching. Find out more about his techniques on my massage page HERE.