Sati Good

Sati has studied and is certified in traditional yoga & yoga therapy and massage therapies since 2015. She has trained and practiced in Russia, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Thailand 2018 - 144

All her knowledge and experience were acquired in the Traditional Natha Sampradaya manner, in daily live-in situations with masters and a fellow student (Shishy) over a period of two years.

Sati is qualified in CIBTAC Endorsed Traditional Balinese & Reflexology Massage in Bali (International Spa Academy „Bali Bisa“), which has further extended her understanding on the mechanisms of the human form.

She then decided to unite her extensive knowledge in order to practice a holistic therapy approach through healing body-mind-soul.

She is holding a Divine Massage Rituals such as:

💖 Royal Balinese Massage
💖 Stone Therapy
💖 Foot Reflexology Massage
💖 Chocolate SPA Ritual

She also leads different workshops:

💖 Yoga Therapy – Yin Yoga 5 Element Balance
💖 Foot Bliss Reflexology (SELF MASSAGE)
💖 Tea Ceremony

More about Sati: on Facebook

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